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Originally Posted by Hotwire View Post
From a 2010 article I found, somewhere north of 6 million people have a CCW permit. Not even 2% of the population. Add to it that they're a bit more spread out. Would you honestly feel safe with all of them in one place if the s*** hit the fan? Think about it. Remember the shooting that happened outside the Empire State building? The cops opened fire on the suspect and they hit 9 bystanders. These are trained professionals. People who are put through extensive training. People put through repeated training and qualifications. And they hit 9 bystanders. Now, let's face it, your average CCW holder has probably not gone through anything that extensive or consistent. How well do you think they would handle an actual shoot out?
There was an incident here just a few weeks ago where a would be mass shooter at a mall was stopped by a man with a CCW. Another instance happened at a theater in Houston. They're not reported by the mass media, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. You can be fearful of legally armed civilians, but that doesn't erase the fact that an overwhelmingly large majority of these shootings take place where guns aren't allowed (schools, theaters, malls etc.)

I think you over-exaggerate just how much training the average officer gets. While some get very good training, many departments only require their officers to qualify annually and nothing more. I shoot just as well as some officers I know, and I'm by no means the best shot out there. Having taken the qualification course as part of my CCW training - you don't exactly have to be a super-soldier to pass it.

I would feel just fine in a room with people who have a CCW. If people with lawfully carried guns bother you, then you're probably going to hate where it's going - the population of people with CCW permits is increasing rapidly.


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