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Default Re: Discussion: The Second Amendment III

Originally Posted by Hotwire View Post
Well, that settles it. Arm everyone. That will instantly stop all crime. No one will try anything since everyone will be armed. Of course, wouldn't that lead to everyone wanting a bigger gun that the other guy?
Nobody said that carrying a gun is going to stop crime, least of all me. It won't, period. But it *will* give you the chance to defend yourself, and maybe your loved ones, too. If you *don't* have a way to defend yourself against a guy with a gun, then there's no way you or your loved ones is making it out of the scenario unharmed.

What would you rather do, let *only* outlaws carry guns? That's a great idea....let them have their way with us innocent civilians. Hey, at least the police can spend the next few years trying to track down the guy who murdered you and your family. Maybe they'll even get lucky and find him and put him in jail or something. Will that make you feel better, down there in the cold, cold ground?


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