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Default Re: Discussion: The Second Amendment III

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
The bugaboo about people "snapping" is largely myth, anyway. These mass murderers who've been all over the news the last very few years didn't "snap;" they've been proven to have meticulously mapped out and planned their attacks long in advance.

And I think it's important to note that they deliberately choose peaceful, idyllic, "safe" settings to carry out their attacks. Schools, theaters, shopping malls, Amish schoolhouses, Norwegian youth summer camps.... Mainly because there's very little chance they'll run into anybody around who can return fire, but also because these contain the most symbolic value....i.e., you're not safe anywhere. So, perversely enough, the safest places are the places you're most likely to run into a mass muirderer.
This is very true. Almost all these mass shootings are planned in advance.

And that, as I'm sure you agree, is why "gun free zones" do nothing to prevent these tragic events from occurring. Unless you have sufficient armed security and metal detector checkpoints i.e. airports, a sign saying "No guns allowed" is worth less than the paper its printed on.

And even then, people still manage to smuggle weapons through airport security.


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