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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by josh8 View Post
Sigh... yes of course. But no writer so far has been able to make a compelling X-Men/FF story. They've had some fun interactions but nothing substantial. IMO, there just aren't really any connections and their themes are way different. That's all I'm saying.

If the only reason to have them interact is that their rights are both owned by Fox, then that's not enough of a reason.
I've read a lot of X-Men comic-books and none of them were better than the best X-Men movies.

I really don't think its impossible to establish that X-Men and Fantastic Four can exist in 1 universe. Look at Thor/Iron Man for example. With the reboot, Fantastic Four could be just a low-key superhero team, they don't have to be celebrities like they were in the 1st two FF movies. And like I said before, FF could do their missions in outer space while the X-Men stay in Earth.

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