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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 6

I would bet a anything we will see at least one more film with the OT cast after this. With all this news, it doesn't feel like an ending, but a re-establishing of the present universe.

I'd love them to mix things up in a huge way. X-Men movies with our original cast, X-Force, different, assorted team-ups, New Mutants. There's so much potential and there's such goodwill from all the cast members, so it would be great to see the likes of Cyclops/Jean/Rogue get their time to shine. Particularly since Marsden and Paquin fit their roles now more than ever, and Famke seems to adore it. Even Halle seems to have recaptured her enthusiasm for it all.

My main question is, how will they choose to utilise the last remaining film that the FC cast are contracted to (if they do the Magneto solo film, that's Fassbender out of contract) and how long McKellen and Stewart will be up for it. Though, to their credit, they've shown no signs of wanting to pack it all in.

Oh God, I really want an AoA film.

And a proper Gambit.

And Psylocke.

And older Emma.

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