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Default Re: Discussion of an Infinity Gauntlet story

Originally Posted by AlexanderLykins View Post
I didn't necessarily mean dumb and I'm sorry if you took offense to that. It's a really good idea and my only issue with it was that the General Audience doesn't know the Collector is. Now I'm starting to realize that they don't know who Peter Quill is either. I was thinking if they showed Chris Pratt it would create interest in the movie. Now I'm also starting to realize that seeing Benicio Del Toro will do the trick as well. Also, if I'm not mistaken, Star-Lord can't travel across time and space like the Collector can. I have poked holes in my own idea.
I'm starting to wonder if The Collector comes to collect the artifacts (more specifically the IG) for Thanos ..... using the Cube to get into the vault. I mean as much as I hate it, Marvel sure seems to want to keep Thanos in sort've the "emperor" role like in Star Wars, using proxies to serve his bidding until he finally takes matters into his own hands.

Why would The Collector do that for Thanos though? I guess we'd find out. Could be all kinds of neat directions they could go in with that.

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