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Default Re: IF Wolverine 3 happens,what should be the story of that movie?

I feel like if they do OLD MAN LOGAN, Marvel and Fox should make a deal... A one off type thing, that takes place outside the continuity of X-Men's Cinematic Universe and Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

Just start the film like the comic, with not a lot of explanation, this is the future the heroes are missing, here's Wolverine! But change a few things and have RDJ still playing a Old Iron Man, coz we need to get Hugh Jackman and RDJ facing off as Wolverine and Iron Man!

It can also serve as a test for them, in terms of how to split cost and revenues if they want to do another similar cross over in after that... But In a few more years...

The next Wolverine should feature Omega Red but they could set the film in the late 70's and early 80's during Cold War.

I love Yukio but if she returns then its kinda pointless because we will be watching events that take place before DOFP, and depending on how that film ends, then Wolverine 3 with Yukio might be pointless...

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