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Default Re: The Official Man of Steel Blu Ray Thread

Originally Posted by Aron9692003 View Post
Hey guys and gals, doesn't look like bestbuy has any kind of exclusive for it.
Walmarts ad shows they'll have the steelbook, some of us had thought it was a preorder exclusive, however it's $20 for the bluray in regular packaging or to get the steelbook its $25, but includes 3D bluray as well.

And let's not forget targets digibook. If you're going to double or even triple dip like me, the Walmart steelbook and target digibook are a must.
I pre-ordered from Wal-Mart back in July and mine is on it's way right now, should be here on Tuesday. I'm thinking of stopping by Target after work to pick up the lenticular digi-book edition too. I was thinking about the ones on Amazon shaped like the shield and with the small pvc figurines, but I don't know if those are worth it.

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