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Default Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by TJByrum View Post
1 billion!? In an OW? That's amazing!

Hopefully CA:TWS will be very successful. I know it's not going to surpass Avengers of Iron Man 3, but I really hope it gets at least 600 million; I see it getting 500 million, like most, but I wish it could get enough for people to start turning an eye to it.
People are funny now a days though. Say it "only" makes 500 million. That is still a huge massive hit. I dont see how this doesnt make alot more than the first one. It has everything going for it. Its a sequel, He is more well known, Its coming out at a good time, and has alot of avenger stuff with shield,black widow, nick fury ect. Is it going to be a Dark Knight? No but how many films are Dark Knights? One thing I have noticed is I think peoples expectations for this at the box office are alot more realistic than the Thor predictions were.

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