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Default Re: The 3 H's: What's REALLY Going On Here?

Originally Posted by weatherwitch
He was having a mental breakdown over Jean (yeah, good choice for school leader) and then he was, y'know, dead. Who would you like to see get headmaster instead? Wolverine?
Exactly! It was even discussed in the movie between the Professor and Storm ("Scott is a changed man..."). Clearly the intention was for Scott to take over, but the situation had changed.

It wasn't like Storm was demanding to take over. It's not like there was a scene where she cleared out Scott's room and tossed it all in the trash.

She was the one who finally said the school would stay open. I loved that scene. She was the one who told Logan to get over himself and not go after Jean--and was in line with the previous movies, she gave him a similar speech in X1 when he tried to take off after Rogue alone.

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