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Default Re: Batman Begins vs The Amazing Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by animex View Post
Your personal opinion is duly noted, But the majority has spoken. And last I checked, Majority rules.

Raimi's Spider-Man was closer to the Amazing Spider Man comic book, TASM was closer to Ultimate which if that was the Spider Man you grew up with, Than Nolan's Batman WAS the Batman you grew up with, So unless you grew up twice, You just rationally killed your own point.
Or you could look at her name "flickchick85" deduce that she was born in 1985, assume she watched Batman:TAS as a child which ties very well into the Nolan Batman universe. It's practically the live action version of that cartoon. And then she could have also loved Ultimate Spider-Man as a kid.

Speaking from experience. Because both of those facts are true for me.

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