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Default Re: Batman Begins vs The Amazing Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by animex View Post
Your personal opinion is duly noted, But the majority has spoken. And last I checked, Majority rules.
Did I say anything about the majority? I was simply responding to your post suggesting that the only people voting for TASM are either Spidey fanboys or people who haven't seen BB. I am neither, and I voted for TASM.

Raimi's Spider-Man was closer to the Amazing Spider Man comic book, TASM was closer to Ultimate which if that was the Spider Man you grew up with, Than Nolan's Batman WAS the Batman you grew up with, So unless you grew up twice, You just rationally killed your own point.
As pr0xyt0xin so accurately deduced, I was born in '85. The Batman I grew up with was TAS and the Burton series. I much preferred TAS, though. Nolan's Batman was in some ways similar to that for sure, but in many ways quite different, imo. I later got into comics and the Batman I became familiar with and a fan of existed in a much crazier universe - both darker and more fantastical - than the Nolan version.

The Spidey I'm familiar with is both from the '90's TAS and Ultimate Spidey, and in neither of those was Peter Parker such a caricature of a goody-two-shoes dork that he was in the Raimi version. I understand that his version was closer to the Lee/Ditko stuff, and that's fine, it's just not MY Spidey. Hence my views on both of those. Still not sure why you feel the need to attempt to invalidate or "kill" what I clearly stated in the first place was simply my opinion. I'm certainly not trying to invalidate the opinions of the people who feel the opposite of me.


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