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Default Re: Batman Begins vs The Amazing Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by UltimateWebhead View Post
In your initial post you stated that people who voted for ASM were either Spider-man fanboys or had never seen BB. And like I said in my first reply, if you were being serious, that is a very narrow-minded view. You're stating that one shouldn't vote for ASM in any regard other than the fact that they're a blind, ignorant fanboy and couldn't possibly have any other reason for liking the movie beyond that blanketed statement. Like it or not but that's narrow-minded.

Was my comment directed at you? Did I mention your name? Is the term "fanboy" that reprehensible to you? I imagine not, But what I find funny is the FACT that 2 people who seemed to be bothered the most, Have Spider Man has an avatar, Now doesn't that strike you as an amazing coincidence?

I have no issue with someone who says ASM sucks and I have no issue with someone says BB sucks. Or says that they love either movie. As long as they have reasons to back up their personal view/'s their opinion and they're entitled to have it. It's perfectly reasonable for someone else to not share the same view and disagree with the other's opinion. I take issue with someone who makes blanketed statements and attempts to belittle or invalidate someone else's opinion. It's trollish behavior and quite ridiculous. People don't always have to go with the majority on a poll...if their view is otherwise they shouldn't be ashamed to show their love for whatever that may be. And they certainly don't deserve to be trudged upon by someone who thinks their opinion is somehow 'superior.'

Once again, Did anyone in this forum appoint you to be "savior" NO!

You're correct to say this is a public forum and you have a right to post here, however I also have the right to respond to your posts.

And yes you do, But ALWAYS expect a retort if you do.

Accurate description?? Please point to the post where I was "defending my favorite character."

Obviously you are, I didn't say in my original post "Hey UltimateWebhead, You got something to say?"

I am arguing your point of assuming that because someone voted for a particular movie that makes them incapable of having an opinion. That's a blanket, ignorant statement imo.

Yes, your opinion. Which I wasn't asking for. But you felt the need to give it, Which means you chose to take offense to my post.

Fair enough. If that's your view on why you like one movie over another, more power to you. Difference is, I won't be attempting to belittle or invalidate your opinion because I actually respect the fact that people are different and capable of making decisions based on their own personal views.

If a statement I made was directed at an individual, Then let THAT individual defend themselves, If I make a blanket statement, Which EVERYONE often does, Just ignore it or attack EVERYONE else that does.

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