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Default Re: GOTHAM CITY Design.

I have to defend Nolans Gotham a bit people.
I still think that Chicago looked awesome as Gotham, especially in TDK. I am not from the US and have never seen Chicago outside of film, so maybe thats why it doesn't bother me at all. Still, i think the benefits of shooting in a real city outweigh the problems it entails.
I for one don't want to go back to the Gotham of the Burton movies, which looked like about the size of a soccer field.
I would love it if they would shoot Detroit as it is and use the real city as much as possible, but enhance it via CGI in subtle ways, like adding to the skyline, changing the colors a bit, maybe a Gargoyle here or there.
The only building where I feel Nolan dropped the ball was Arkham. It has to look like the Asylum from Synders Sucker Punch, not like some inner city hospital.

I know that Nolan thought it would be too cheesy and unreal, BUT my girlfriend actually works in a mental ward as a nurse and it really does look a bit gothic and creepy, like the Asylum from the comics. Also, you loose a lot of the horror aspect of Arkham if you change it too much.
But since Snyder has already created a perfect Arkham Asylum in Sucker Punch I don't worry about its look in the movie, if it would be featured (which it probably won't).

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