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Default Re: GOTHAM CITY Design.

Originally Posted by shallbecomeabat View Post
I know what you mean, but I really disliked how the Narrows looked. It just screamed giant soundstage. I liked it in TDK and TDKR more, but as I said before, I am a huge fan of using a real city.
hahaha that's the exact opposite of what most fans think of Nolan's Gotham.

The Narrows were the only part of Nolan's Gotham that even made an attempt at being anything like the Gotham of the comics.

I think this time around, Gotham needs to look way more unique than it did in TDKT. If Gotham just looks like any other city, it takes away from the concept. Gotham was developed as a fictional city, it should be treated as such. You can get away with things looking a bit crazier than they do in real life, because Gotham isn't a real city.

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