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Default Re: GOTHAM CITY Design.

Originally Posted by shallbecomeabat View Post
I know what you mean, but for me personally (don't care that it may not be what "most fans" think, which I also doubt, but whatever) its distracting when the world looks too fake.
Take the Gotham from the Arkham verse for example. I like the look of Arkham City very much, but found the Gotham you see in Origins too far removed from a real city. All those giant pipes and giant chains that serve no real purpose, apart from making it look "comicbooky". Most of those pipes, especially near the waterfront, leak a bright and shiny green ooze. Thats just too much removed from the real world which has been established in MoS.

I give you the need for more blimps. I would love that, but thats exactly what I proposed a page ago. Shoot in a real city and add some stuff for effect, like add to the skyline, add police blimps, make the weather look a bit weird, some skyscrapers taller etc.
That I would love since it would find a middleground between a real tangible city and a visually stylized approach. I don't want a retread of Nolans Gotham, but I also don't want to go back to a Gotham thats too far removed from reality.
The Narrows didn't look fake to me. In fact, it was inspired by a real place (Kowloon Walled City in Hon Kong). If you've seen pictures of that places, it doesn't look "real" either, but it was.

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