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Default Re: Legends of Tomorrow General Discussion - Part 2

So, after watching the crossover and thinking about the show. . . I think that the best thing they could do is some cast changes. Specifically, they should ditch Atom and Firestorm entirely. Drop them both back in 2016, where they can continue being heroes. This may be sad, because Stein especially is awesome. . . but so much of the writing problems on the show arise from efforts to avoid how powerful their team is. Without Atom and Firestorm, though, the remainder of the team is almost street level. . . and that's the kind of plots they tend to do- street level heroes with tech gadgets and a time machine.

So, return Ray, Martin, and Jax to their home time. Come up with another team member or two, one of which must be a scientist: Curtis Holt wouldn't be a terrible choice, once he finishes growing up *ahem*. At this point, you stop having the self-inflicted plot problems.

( I am undecided on Nate. On one hand, he's the second most powerful person on the team. OTOH, he's a lot more intrinsically tied to the time travel theme, and he's arguably less game breaky than the other two. )

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