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Default Re: Legends of Tomorrow General Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by Thome216 View Post
His first visions of her were of a picnic scene, but then a later one showed a little girl, so kinda figured he made himself a child.
that could have gone alot of ways, for example it her running through the field could have been a child hood friend he forgot about after marrying his original wife.

and for his generation that's not uncommon. Compared to someone like me and my gen who's the latter end of gen x which it could go ether way. And for those that are menial's that seem to try and avoid that all together cause they don't like the idea of marring your child hood friend that you grew up with at all, & just plain just go out of that sphere and look for someone new and say getting to know that persons they are going out with is exciting.

Any way we should just be happy they didn't play the mistress card.

I'm sure that would have been ugly. the comic audience has warned the writers of comic's we can't stand that as it is with our super hero protags.

Especially if the writers still want us to like them those ones that put them selves in that mess. but it become problem even more when they ignore that warning , and still claim not to understand after that warning from the comic fans and then when they bring it to live action and the audience there is even more ticked off and the writers are asking why do you hate this character?

Really your asking the tv audience why we can't stand the character anymore with these action?

Just keep the cheating and mistress out. unless they're undercover/ deep cover, there's no way it'll be happy reaction from the fan base /audience .

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