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Default Re: The Official Casting The Superman Reboot Thread - Part 2

Supreme-Man is the mysterious last survivor of the Zyroptonians, a race of advanced aliens with supreme powers destroyed by the ruthless alien warlord Mindthrad. In the last moments of Zyropton, Supreme-Man's father Zar-Hel teleported him to the future - our present - as Greg Brant, ace reporter of Utopia City's Weekly Orb, run by Barry Beise. There, Supreme-Man befriends young reporter Tommy Joelsen and falls in love with his co-worker Lucy Lines.

But things won't be as easy for Supreme-Man! Criminal mastermind Lar Lunghoar finds Mindthrat and they strike a devilish alliance to take over the entire Universe, and Supreme-Man is the only one that can stop them! But can he survive the horrible weapons created by Lunghoard, based on the metal Zyroptonite, the only thing that can cut through Supreme-Man's invulnerable skin?

Find out at The Asylum's Supreme-Man.

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