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Default Re: Christian Bale v.s. Michael Keaton - Part 2

Keaton's both Wayne and Batman were quite one dimensional characters.Both of them talking guy.Also his look doesn't represent both Wayne & Batman.His voice was almost same as Bruce & Batman. He was too tiny to be Batman and weird look to be Wayne.

Bale played very young version of Bruce when he came back to kill Chill.He played cold & struggled version of Bruce when he was with Ra's.He played as pimp-like in hotel scene with girls.He played as almost innocent,childish love interest in scenes with Rachel. In Dark Knight he played colder,bitter,more obsessed version of BB Wayne.And he delivered great emotional scenes after Rachels death.

Bale's Batman is more complex also.He played cool and scary Batman in docks.He was scary&angry as hell with Flass.He was totally badass Batman after Ra's attack to Gotham.
Same as well in TDK. He started as cool and baddass character in the scenes with scarecrow,party scene & clubscene. He was scary with Maroni.He went crazy & desperate in intergation scene with Joker.Even some doesnt like his voice it was sure unrecognizable and creepy.

Don't get me wrong..Both Keaton & Bale great actors.But in Burton version all Bruce&Batman were cool,cold blooded,smooth talker. Nolan's (and comic book) Batman probably one of the most complex characters.He played couple of Different version both Bruce & Batman.Bale also trained fight styles.Get in Batman shape.

Burton's and Keaton's Batman might be your favorite Batman&Wayne version but as performance and effort Bale did much more and much better.Not even close.

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