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Default Re: Aaron Johnson May Be Quicksilver

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
Sawyer is right. It shouldn't even be discussed. Whedon's not gonna use that, nor is it even gonna be hinted towards like proxy for some reason feverishly wants in Avengers 2. It's a stupid plot point that will not be in a PG-13 movie, let alone a Marvel movie. It was terrible in comics, and it's not gonna be any better in the movie. Nothing to see. Nothing to discuss.

Feverishly wants? Scroll up and read my first of only three posts in this thread you jackass. I feverishly want nothing. I started off by assuring another poster that it was in fact taboo. And went on to describe the ONLY possible way they could ever portray this dynamic in a 2015 film. Never have I said that I think they will, nor that I want them to. Let alone feverishly.

Odd, i've heard of selective hearing but not selective reading. Try using your eyes next time. And your cognitive brain processes too. At least Xeno has the good sense to send a legitimate response to my ideas. Rather than covering his eyes and singing "LALALALALALA" because they are yucky.

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