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Default How long did Nolans Batman actually fight crime?(SPOILERS)

From what Im getting Nolans Batman fought crime for less than 3 years.He returns to Gotham at 30 years old and starts dealing with the protected vrime bosses,which lesd him to scare crow and then the LOSs plan fairly quickly.Then one year later the events of The Dark Knight take place in less then a year obviously.

Then he goes on an 8 year break where we know he wasnt fighting crime because JGL says that the day Dent died was the LAST confirmed sighting of The Batman.

Followed by him returning for another 6 month stretch at age 39,followed by what appears to be his retirement.

Did Nolans batman,the world greatest detective, really only fight crime for 3 years before hanging up the cape.Couple that with him giving up on Gotham and it just seems really out of character.

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