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Default Which current generation game series will you always remember fondly?

Everybody has a favorite game series that started during an old gaming generation and like to see it continue or released as an online download or just like to remember it,Wii U is out now and Xbox 3&PS4 will be out within a few years and so that means the current generation is nearing the end of it's lifecycle!!

In the next gaming generation which series will you likely remember so fondly that you'll want it to continue or download some of them online?I don't mean continued franchises such as Halo/God of War/Spinter Cell/GTA/Hitman/etc But series that started on the Wii/360&PS3!

I'll always be holding series such as these(no particular order)in my heart&mind..

Assassins Creed
Gears of War
Batman Arkham Asylum&Arkham City
Little Big Planet
Mass Effect

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