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Default Re: Marvelman returns in June

This is great news. However, one thing concerns me. Up until Miracleman #6, the series consisted of reprints from Warrior Magazine. From Issue 7 onwards, the character officially became Miracleman in America. And alot of Neil Gaiman's stories, and the stories in the Apocrypha mini-series pertain to the "Age of Miracles".

So I guess they're changing it all back to Marvelman. Which makes me wonder: Will all of the Eclipse comics from issue 7 onwards be worth more since Marvel will presumably tamper with the text to make it "Marvelman"?

Also, from the sounds of it, the Premiere hardcover sounds like it's reprinting the original Mick Anglo stuff first and not the Alan Moore/Neil Gaiman stuff, which they'll eventually get to. I kind of want those first, as fun as some of the Mick Anglo stuff is.

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