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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Krumm View Post
So I rarely venture out of the Superman boards but I've really been enjoying Arrow (especially episode 5 "Damaged") and figured I'd try to join a new conversation.

I've always been intrigued by Green Arrow but have yet to really delve into his character and one thing that crops up every time I watch the show is my girlfriend saying, "So he's pretty much Batman." Now seeing as I don't know much about the character, I don't have much of answer for her.

How you would guys answer that question?
Green Arrow basically became a ripoff of Batman. But he eventually became very far removed from Batman, co-starring in Green Lantern and grounding him to the real world. He also developed a liberal political stance and became very outspoken about it. He lost his fortune and basically became an "urban hunter".

This show however is very much in the mould of Batman Begins and is very reminiscent of it. Oliver, as of yet displays more of Bruce Wayne's personality than Oliver Queen's, except the acceptance of death.

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