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Default Re: Discussion of an Infinity Gauntlet story


I somehow think that the enchantress will return for the third Thor movie. I hope for her and Loki to free Surtur. I don´t really see Loki in AoU so he better play a big part in the third Thor movie because I don´t think his role in the second will be as big as some ppl think.

Okey I will try to approach it from your angel
Lets play with the thought that Ultron actually got a powergem from someone like the enchantress.

First of all, I know you didn´t mean it like the red light comming out from Ultron is to big of a coincidence because the fact that the powergem is the gem Ultron actually could use (unlimted power = dream for a mobile robot). You meant it more like something you can add to a pile of arguments for why it´s possible. But I wouldn´t add that to the pile because Ultron has a red light even without the gem. So that´s why you got that response.

So someone from Thor like the enchantress takes the IG from Odin´s vault (or picks it up somewhere else). Why would she give it to Ultron?

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