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Default Re: Avengers Assembled: News and Speculation - - - Part 69

Originally Posted by HighFivingMF View Post
You still saw Spider-Man though, right? People bring up genre fatigue every year. It's really not a factor, if a movie looks good people will see it. And how amped up people are beforehand compared to other movies that aren't directly competing doesn't really matter, tickets cost the same whether they were purchased by someone who followed the entire production, someone who thought the trailer looked neat, or someone who was just bored and picked a movie. I spent the same amount of money on tickets for The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Brave, and whatever else I saw.
I'll always see Spider-man even if there are 10 Spider-man films in 1 year but I probably won't see any of them more than once. I saw TAS only once & it might have got 4 or 5 out of me (all its potential extra viewings went to Avengers & TKDR). The 1st 3 I saw many times each, even no. 3. Any films I anticipate for years I always see more than once, even the terrible ones like Phantom Menace & Matrix Revolutions, just to make sure lol. A shared year with Star Wars & Avengers will definitely affect the number of times I watch JL. I could easily watch it 10 times if it lived up to potential but I’m not going to watch Avengers, JL & Star Wars 10 times each lol. Will probably end up being 3 or 4 times each with more or less if one is better than the others.

You're obviously not much of a repeat cinemagoer (like the majority) but repeat business is important to all blockbusters & this is what can get seriously cut down by too many ‘epic’ films in the same timeframe, especially if any have subject overlap. The years of anticipation also is what helps the hype start early & lead to the necessary explosive start at the box office. Hype will struggle to build to the same levels when the other films of the year are just as epic.

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