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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 5

Originally Posted by AvengeME View Post
Yes on Paramount. No on universal because they had the rights in 03. Fox is giving up ownership on DD in a few months so unless they do something about it, there goes that character. Which is why Marvel probably offered that deal to Fox.

If I am Fox, I don't handcuff myself by limiting my rogue gallery. I also don't want to rehash certain characters and stories like Doom and Galactus, or a half arsed Skrulls that I own some aspects of but not everything.

Marvel also wants to get some C-list characters exposure. FF is a great platform to launch those characters. Does BP/Namor have a better chance of being successful by themselves or in FF movie? I don't want to cram all those characters in Avengers either. I think Marvel and Fox can temporarily swap characters if they wanted to. It's trickier than exclusive control, but far more productive.
Well, you're right and wrong about Universal. They did the distribution for TIH in 2008 in a similar way Paramount did for the other MCU movies.

Good point about the C-list characters; this whole time we have been working under the assumption that Marvel Studios wouldn't have FF at their disposal to introduce BP or Namor (and so we've been defaulting to solo movies or Avengers introductions), but it's definitely been exciting to even open up the FF conversation, even if it won't happen!

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