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Default Re: The "Keep Hope Alive" (that the rights can revert back to Marvel) thread

Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
Why is everyone clamoring for this? I see about as much reason for the FF rights to revert to Marvel Studios as I do for Spider-Man to show up in Marvel's 'homegrown' films (which is NO REASON WHATSOEVER).
In the simplest terms I can use, I would say:

Because Marvel's track record has shown that they generally respect the characters and their heritage. They also trust the value of those characters enough to invest the money required to bring them to screen in a way that faithfully represents the characters while also providing the necessary updates for a modern film.

Fox on the other hand has shown a general distrust for the characters and a need to 'fix' characters that aren't broken (the black uniforms for the X-Men and the butchered Doom character are two quick examples). They don't take the characters seriously and they cut corners - trying to squeeze the most dollars out of them with as little investment as possible - and in so doing, they weaken the properties that they should value.

In addition, these characters should all be united and sharing the same universe as they did in the comics.

With that said, I have resigned myself to the idea that Fox will make this film, and there's little hope at this point that the rights will go back to Marvel. And with that in mind, I am trying to remain optimistic. Even though Fox has chosen to not do Superhero films properly in the past, they have every capability as a studio of making good films. They simply need to recognize the value of these characters, understand the heritage that gives them that value, and invest what's required to get talented people to bring that to the screen.

Fox has shown some signs of improvement, possible Anti-Christ Tom Rothman is gone and Josh Trank appears to be a very talented director.

I'm at the point that I have given up on Marvel making the film and therefore I have no choice but to hope Fox can pull it off. And I am willing to keep an open mind and let them show me they can.

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