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Default Re: The "Keep Hope Alive" (that the rights can revert back to Marvel) thread

Originally Posted by Willie Lumpkin View Post
A lot of interesting information there, but one area you don't mention (unless it's included in the other areas and I'm not aware) is DVD's and Blu-Rays. With improved TV's, sound systems etc. and people creating their own home theaters, a big chunk of box office revenues have given way to DVD/Blu-Ray sales and rentals. Does Fox get the bulk of that money? If so, I can imagine them doing pretty well just on that.
Revenue from DVDs, Blue-Ray, On-Demand and Netflix can certainly ameliorate losses box office losses, but I don't know why FOX would greenlight a film that's dependent on these streams to make a profit.

Also, one disappointing thing about the FF was that there was very little quality supporting merchandise such as toys, books etc. The contract details you mention may touch on the reason why and if so, that is another strong reason Marvel should control everything.
There may not have been a lot of quality merchandise associated with the first two films, but there was a lot of it - t-shirts, backpacks, Thing hands and feet, talking Thing 12" action figures, bendable Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch mask and gloves, Fantasticar playset. I remember because I still have all of that crap lying around my house.

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