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Default Re: Best one vs one fight in the X-Franchise?

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Hehe...But the weirdest thing is that people blamed Ratner, Penn and Kinberg for X3, and yet none of those three were involved in Wolverine, which was written by David Benioff (The Kite Runner) and Skip Wood and directed by Gavin Hood.

And yet Wolverine gets a lower rating on RT.

So what do the haters say this time? Most of the negative folk are saying that Ratner, Penn and Kinberg's X3 was better than Wolverine.

So what does that say about Gavin Hood and David Benioff?
I don't know, I kinda hold Fox's decision makers more responsible for the results of the last two films than anybody else. Maybe even Marvel, to some extent. While I have no love for Ratner, it was ultimately Fox and Marvel who chose him to helm the film. It also would have been Fox and Marvel who approved the scripts. But you're right in saying that TLS's creators seem to have gotten a lot more blame than WO's are getting. I think Hood and Benioff might have been out of their league, while Ratner was just plain WRONG, no ifs, ands, or buts. And Singer was by no means perfect, as the first movie evidences, but he IS a more serious and superior filmmaker in my mind. At least in regards to big-budget tentpoles.

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