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Default Re: The JJ Abrams Superman script

I`ve read the 2nd draft now and i have to say i REALLY like this script. It does feel like a Superman movie and a great one. It`s a great improvement over the 1st draft.

Some things i don`t like:

1- Civil War on Krypton - I really see no point in this, inventing new villains, making Jor-el the king of Krypton or something, when they can use Brainiac invading Krypton, Zod trying to protect it and Jor-el as just the scientist who save his son like it`s always been in the comics. Makes no sense to alter so much the myhtos. A little re-write there would make the story perfect.

2- Pa Kent dying and Jor-el visiting the Earth before makes no sense. I feels forced and i just don`t like the idea that Jor-el knew where his son would end up. I like luck aspect in the comics that so many things could`ve been different if the kents didn`t find Clark. I like the fate thing...

3-Jor-el sending Superman`s costume with the ship. Makes no sense for him to send an adult costume. Just make Clark and Ma Kent making it after saving Lois from the plane.

4-Superman ignoring the president. I know where JJ was going with this but this is something that he just wouldn`t do.

5-Luthor gaining knowledge and powers from Kryptonians. That just makes no sense at all. It`s ok for him to find the body, it`s ok for him make LexCorp out of this knowledge on alien tech but i`d like to see Lex finding one of Jor-el`s probe or even Braniacs. I hate that Ty-zor transfers him his powers, as it is intended. Hate this with passion.

6-Superman dying. Well, all this crap about prophecy, bla bla bla, Jor-el in transe. Hated it. This almost ruins the whole awesomeness of the script for me. It`s just dumb nonsense and a re-writing of the mythos that just DIDN`T NEED TO be done.


Just replace the Krypton War with Brainiac invading Krypton to steal Kandor and Krypton`s knowledge and technology. Krypton explodes, Jor-el and Lara dies. Brainiac is the main villain, invades Earth and all that. Everything else would fall into place. No crap about civil war, brothers, prophecy BS, Superman returning to Krypton,etc.

OTHERWISE, it`s an amazing script and IT IS SOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN SUPERMAN RETURNS. One more re-write and would make this PERFECT.

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