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X-Men Legacy 256 Review

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Where we left off last issue mind controlled Lorna, Havok, and Korvus are doing battle against Magneto, Gambit and Frenzy. Magneto tries to call a time out to deal with the fact the hull is about to break and it doesn't go to well for him. Rogue absorbs the mind of the dying Shi'ar scientist to find out how to safe the space station and the billion people on board.

Rachel battles the Friendless and finds out he is playing both sides and shoots him out into space which of course doesn't kill him. Lorna, Havok and Korvus have their mind controlled broken which leads to the best line of the comic.

Magneto: Polaris come. We'll have to see that breach in the wall. Havok will watch our backs.

Havok: I don't take orders from--

Magneto: Havok will watch our backs, or else practice breathing without oxygen.

Magneto and Polaris fix the massive breach in the space stations walls. Which turns into a 'teachable moment' for Lorna on minipulating metal at the subatomic level. Lorna can't believe they fought and says there was so much she wanted to say to him, Magneto promises they will talk in depth in a calmer time and place.

Korvus and Rachel have a short romantic moment where he tells her his soul is his shelter. Rachel and Frenzy go into the core of the space station to fix it from falling into the sun and in the end we see the Friendless is still alive and is now taking over Shi'ar minds.

In all I would say the issue was quite good and it was nice that the mind control plot for Lorna, Havok, and Korvus ended half way into the series instead of ending say during the last issue. The short scenes between Havok and Magneto and non-mind controlled Lorna and Magneto were quite good. The art while not quite as good as last issue is still some of the best I have seen from Kurth. He has really improved as an artist over the last several years. In all it was a good third issue and after two issues that had alot of exposition things are now really heating up in the arc.

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