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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by DorkyFresh View Post
My worries about the score being uninspired and underwhelming can now be put to rest.
Hans is a talented guy and when he puts his mind to it, he can turn out some amazing product. Omitting his animated scores, work like The Thin Red Line, The Da Vinci Code and "The Pacific" represent Zimmer at his creative best. Even the minimalist The Ring was stunningly beautiful, in a bleak, monochromatic way.

It's just that he's doing a lot of action movies, and a lot of his action scores today have become uninspired. And most of his work on Nolan's movies have fallen into the uninspired territory. Even Inception's best music moments were mostly inspired from Zack Hemsey's trailer music for said film.

Considering Zimmer will be working with Snyder and not Nolan at the spotting and scoring sessions, I pray Snyder lets Zimmer go in different creative directions. Have him write music to picture, as opposed to writing a cue that will be cut into pieces to fit the film.

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