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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
In what way did I do that?
I never said Ledger's Joker was "not something you associate with the Joker from the comics".

I doubt that, but lets see how you try and validate that false accusation...
Well I have to go read Batman #1 again, but Nicholson's is definitely closer to that original concept than Ledger's.

Of course not, because Batman #1 wasn't the only comic used to inspire Ledger's Joker. I never said it was either. I said it was used an influence. Not THE influence. The link I showed you above should prove that given the plethora of comics from different eras in it. So where is this cherry picking?
The same with Nicholson. But Ledger is much more faithful to the later comics.

He announces it as a product commercial. Not as a mass murder plot. Unlike in Batman #1 Joker announces that he will straight up kill people, like Ledger's Joker did. One of his victims in Batman #1 included a Judge, just like in TDK. Not promoting some great new product called Smilex that leaves you looking happy.
Smilex kills you, just like how Joker used venom that left a permanent grin on your corpse in the comic. So he was announcing that he's going to kill people on television. Not specific people, as I believe he did in the comic, but he didn't in TDK either.


Again he doesn't announce it as his intention to kill people. He announces it as a invitation to Gotham to get free money.
Well if you want to get hung up on specific details, Ledger merely made general threats "People will die" "I will blow up a hospital" and not specific threats against specific individuals like in the comic.

The only time you see it in the whole movie and it was Jack Napier just holding it up for a moment. You never see him hold a Joker card when he becomes the Joker. Compare that to Ledger's Joker who uses it all the time, especially at scenes of his crimes, like in Batman #1.
Did they use the classic design for the Joker card, though?

So lets sum up. Your only claim to the Batman #1 influence is the use of Joker toxin, which he's used in a million different stories, and Napier holding up a Joker card once.

Is that it?
No, there's plenty more. I have to get a hold of Batman #1 again, though (which I have read before). Off the top of my head: Joker's look, grinning after death, using venom, the smile on victim's faces, talking to corpses......


That's a painted on grin..... and no Joker venom, but ok, I see your point.

So Joker doesn't just go chasing skirts. Unless you can list a bunch of comic book stories where he does this.
I'm sure there are in this 70+ year history. There's Harley Quinn, although she was after Batman '89. But I always thought Alicia inspired Harley Quinn.

When has Joker ever been a ladies man? Name three infamous Joker stories where he shows a keen interest in the opposite sex.
That's a hard task, but there's the aforementioned Harley Quinn and:

If you want to ignore the museum scene, his conversation with Vicki, his tele broadcast sure. The point is he saw himself as an artist.
Thanks to GothamAlleys yet again:

Yeah so what? What point are you trying to make? That two different directors choose two different style to showing a flashback?
I'm saying it sets up the big psychological payoff, rather than just be a plot device.

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