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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Even with Smulders' less-than-stellar performance, I feel the worst part of the movie is the score. It's so underwhelming, mediocre and forgettable that it's almost a joke. A big tentpole movie should have a worthy score. I simply think Silvestri isn't up to the task anymore. He's been out of form for a long time now, way before The Avengers. Therefore it was a major (negative) surprise when it was announced he would score TA. TA's score is the worst of both worlds: it isn't particularly "out-of-the-box"/creative, nor is it particularly catchy and bombastic. It just kind of is there, barely doing anything of note. That's not good enough.

They need to get either the maestro himself (JW) on board or choose a bit more creative composer. Silvestri brought absolutely nothing to the table (but will probably get out of jail because of the only semi-good piece of his score, the Avengers theme).

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