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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 General Discussion - Part 5

For some reason this sequel seems very big. I hope to God that it is!

Something tells me that they could already be constructing a teaser-trailer to hit with, say, Man of Steel? Definitely not impossible, nor just wishful thinking! Cause man of steel also had a teaser-trailer out a whole year in advance. And fact of the matter is that when man of steel premieres, there will only be 10,5 months until ASM2 is released. And if ASM2 has a teaser out with MOS, than that's actually 1.5 months later for spidey to have its first teaser-trailer out, compared to when MOS had its first teaser released. Also, keep in mind that when man of steel has its worldwide release on June 14'th, then ASM2 will have had cameras rolling on principal photagraphy for over 4 whole months. Just think about that. Ain't saying that it's bound to happen. But certainly not impossible.

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