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Default Re: Hulk vs Kurse (MCU Versions)

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Voted for Hulk again, Kurse was a beast who dominated Thor, but Thor still got straight back-up after the fight, so I think Hulk would as well. Plus, the madder Hulk gets the stronger he gets, that always gives him an advantage over other super-strong beings.

It happened it TIH vs The Abomination and TA vs Thor, by the time the SHIELD jet arrived to break up the fight, Hulk was throwing Thor all over the place. Had the fight not stopped there things may have gotten bad for Thor.

Plus, its the Hulk man, marvel arent going to leave out 'the madder Hulk gets the stronger Hulk gets.'
He does get strong, I see that, I don't know about "exponentially" though, that's not what I saw in those films.

The only thing we've seen even bother Kurse is a black hole. Is Hulk generating light-bending amounts of force with his punches? Can he get that strong in the MCU? If he can, can he get there before Kurse dismembers him?

I'm thinking not.

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