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Default Re: Avengers discrepency? (SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by ImWithTeamConan View Post
Hey everybody I saw the movie again, lemme explain it for everybody, you see........


Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
Marvel is a business it gets dollars. Theres no way rdj is not going to be the front and center of the avengers movie. You really believe the guy who played johnny storm will be given main stage? Downey's pressence alone wouldn't allow that.

Not to mention i really feel the captain america movie will have as much BO clout as TIH.
No it won't.

1. Captain America will have much better advertising (Marvel focused so much on Iron Man they didn't market much for TIH).

2. Captain America won't have a mediocre predcessor in recent memory hanging over them (therefore the 90s one won't count).

3. Captain America is a much more popular character than the Hulk.

btw the Incredible Hulk was a success on video, so it wasn't that bad.

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