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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Now I have the right thread for this.

If I were Singer and I truly adored my film I wouldn't apologize for it and it seems like he didn't in that interview. He was explaning why he thought the movie wasn't as successful as WB or he would have liked.

I'd like for him to explain why he decided to drop the sequel he was signed up to film to make another movie, if he cared so much? Because no matter if people like to admit it or not, he was signed for another sequel and that meant that WB was willing to make one at that time.

Thats why I don't understand why some of the fans of SR blame the anti fans for a sequel not being made? It's Singer's fault that a sequel isn't coming out, not mine or anybody elses who disliked or hated the film. He decided that for some reason that he didn't want to make a sequel and WB obviously decided that without him they weren't going to go the sequel route.

Again, he needs to stop talking about the movie's quality or lack there of and tell us why he left. That would actually be an interesting story.

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