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Default Re: Which route should they go with Quicksilver's costume?

Originally Posted by Wine-N-Cheese View Post
Yeah, Ronan's a better actor than Johnson, but I don't see how Ronan is, in any way, similar to Wanda, other than them both being women. Anyway, it's already been confirmed that she's NOT up for the role.
Her not being in talks at that time and her never being up for the role are two different things. The only name we've heard in connection to Wanda from a credible source is her's, and she said she'd be down for it. It's just when she was asked again she said she thought it was just internet stuff because she wasn't in actual talks for the role at that point. It seems like they're focusing on casting one at a time, since Quicksilver is all we're hearing about.

As for her being nothing like Wanda...there's a reason Joss prototyped Wanda after Ronan (as reportde by SHH). Deep blue eyes, and elegant young beauty. If I had to cast a 19-20 year old Wanda Saoirse would be on my list.

And she's Irish, not Scottish.
Yes I just realized I kept calling her Scottish for some reason. I think because I've been watching too much Tennant Doctor Who.

Originally Posted by marcvader View Post
Lol. Not waspy as in the Wasp. Waspy as in white anglo saxon protestant opposed to having darker features.
Oh lol. Well, the twins are going to be British in there you go.

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