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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

1. Iron Man

a really solid movie, up there with The Dark Knight in my book. everything worked perfectly in it, I even liked Iron Monger despite how little time they gave him in the actual Iron Monger suit. Characters and the way they interacted with each other were charming

2. Iron Man 3

I hated this one but I hate Iron Man 2 more. The good parts in IM3 are the visuals, the action was good and the jokes are well written. Still, even if you have great comedic material you can't go over board with or the movie will turn into a joke. And the Mandarin twist was a very desperate and pointless one. But at least I wasn't bored watching it like I was when I watched:

3. Iron Man 2

This movie was just boring, Ivan Vanko seemed to have potential as a villain, but they didn't do anything interesting with it in the end. Pacing was awful, it slowed down way too much in the middle, which would've been fine if the dialogue was engaging but it wasn't. Oh and in this movie Pepper is annoying as ****. They substitute the clever natural character interactions to rambling and mostly complaining, with Tony akwardly talking over Pepper's rambling

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