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Default Re: The Design & Origin of ULTRON

Originally Posted by Artistsean View Post
I'd be upset if Hank Pym didn't create Ultron. Its a driving for for his character and for Ultron's. Ultron is sort of Hank Pym's dark side, dark secrets made flesh (metal). He is Pym's hate, fear, loathing, resentments, angry, and all that stuff. Ultron was created using Pym's brain patterns so its sort of all Pym's fault that Ultron hates and wants to wipe out humanity. Its Pym's constant failure, reminder, of his dark self.
And Ultron is also like his son, its also a generational thing. Pym created Ultron and passed down to him all his hatreds, fears, intolerance, etc. Then Ultron creates the Vision who Ultron tries to pass all his bigotry and hatred down to, but this is the "grandfather's" chance to redeem himself and the grandfather (who has changed his ways) saves the grandson (Vision) from the same hatred. So Pym is like the father of Ultron and the grandfather of the Vision.
I'd be sad and a little disappointed if Pym wasn't somehow the main creator of Ultron in Avengers 2. Even if they have to do a round about way of explaining it. Like He is this scientist who used to work with Stark, Banner, and SHIELD, in the past. But has since fallen from grace with all of them. Now Pym sees his former friends and colleagues being celebrated as heroes and loved by all and a small part of him hates that. He finishes his AI he and Stark started years ago (with Jarvis) and uses his own brain patterns to create Ultron. Then Ultron becomes the psycho robot from the comics we know and the unknown scientist has to help the Avengers stop his creation. After he helps them stop Ultron, with the aid of Ultron's creation, the Vision, Pym and Janet join the Avengers and work for SHIELD as special agents. Pym's way to make up for his mistakes, crimes, and all the death and destruction Ultron caused. So he could become Ant Man after the fact, after Ultron and after teaming up with the Avengers to stop Ultron. I'd even be fine with, in the movie, if he had as much action scenes as that normal human scientist from Avengers 1 (the guy who knew Thor).
Having Jarvis be the original Ultron AI prototype helps involve Stark in a big way. So it would give Stark a bigger role to go with his bigger paycheck. But with the idea that (along with the original cast of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, and Fury, and possibly Falcon) we are also going to include Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, and Ultron for that matter, and possibly Vision, makes me wonder how much more could they include. Could they include Hank Pym and Janet? Would they have the screen time to make sure they are involved, even if they are normal humans not involved in action scenes?

No matter what though, news that Pym isn't going to be an Avenger or part of the story (thats what Whedon said right?) makes me sad. Pym needs to not only create Ultron, but be around to see him kill and destroy. We need to see it effect Pym. Because, to me, Ultron is really a Pym story. Ultron is ALL about Pym to me. And it would be a real shame if they totally ditched him in the Avengers by not showing him at all. I mean cool if its mentioned that he created Ultron, but to not see Pym feel responsible and try to stop Ultron personally...
Yeah I hear you

I think that you are right, but the big screen isn´t like the comics. They will change some things. You can still enjoy the movie without the MCU being like the comics tho.

What bugs me is that they are making an Ant-man movie after A:AoU. How can they do that if they remove Ultron from the char? Sure there are a lot of other stuff to write about, but the Ultron scenario has a huge impact on Pym!

I don´t know how they will swing this but I am sure that Whedon will make a great movie!!

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