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Default Re: The Design & Origin of ULTRON

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
What if the reason Whedon is leaving out Pym as Ultron's creator is because he wants the creator to be an outright villain who actually becomes Ultron at the end? For movie purposes, it would give Ultron a human face as audiences might not be able to relate to a pure robot who has no expressions and is completely CGI. Maybe by giving Ultron a human face via his creator, that's Whedon's way of not completely ruining Hank's character either (which it would be if he were to turn him into a villain).

So Ultron could be a human face for most of the movie (much like Loki in TA or Khan in STID) who either later assumes a full on robotic appearance towards the end or maybe creates a bunch of Ultron drones who are cannon fodder for the Avengers while the human creator is effectively like the Borg Queen in Star Trek (while the drones are like the Borg).

I'm not saying I like this idea but I just thought that this might be Whedon's thinking to adapt it for a movie without ruining Hank, keeping a human face for Ultron and not stepping on Wright's shoes for Ant-Man.
That would be cool. They create the machine, perhaps with the Avengers, possibly even for the Avengers, and the end up injecting their bran patterns into the A.I. which "kills" the human and then they become the machine and immortal.

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