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Default Re: Sif to guest star on agents of shield

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
She was killed by an Asgardian blade, of course Asgardian weapons can be killed by their own weapons.

That's like asking why a human can be stabbed to death by a man made knife, even Superman is effected by his race's weapons.
Really? So, a razor-sharp Asgardian sword is sharper and more deadly than a razor-sharp sword from earth?

By the same token, would fire from Asgard burn an Asgardian whereas fire from earth would not? Would Asgardian water drown someone and water from earth not?

Are all Asgardians vulnerable the same to Asgardian weaponry and Asgardian elements such as fire and water, including Thor?

I'm rather a novice of Norse mythology, so can you explain?

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