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Default Re: Sif to guest star on agents of shield

I'd imagine that Cap, Tony, AND Thor would all be mighty pissed with Fury. It occurred to me that Sif wasn't the only one who got more interesting stuff to do in this episode than in the movies. Lorelei got more development as a character and as a villain in a 45-50 minute TV episode than Malekith did in an almost 2 hour movie. She was a much more fleshed out and interesting character in a freaking SHIELD episode than the alleged main villain was in a Thor movie. That's both cool (for the show) and said (for the movie). I'd love to see Lorelei pop up in a future Thor movie. Considering that apparently "Odin" specifically ordered Sif to bring her back to Asgard ALIVE, they have to perfect excuse to bring her into the movies. Plus, the idea of Sif having sort of her own archenemy is just cool to me.

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