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Default Re: Your own design of a spidey costume (not existing characters)

Hello. Just thought I'd come along a resurrect this old thread. My character is known as Spider-Man: 616 and he lives in the Earth 616-1 universe. This universe is parallel to our own and so there are many similarities. The costume would be a sort of Mangaverse/Human Spider/Vigilante hybrid. My character wouldn't use a web shooter at first, just a grappling hook, which would later be upgraded to a wrist-mounted grappling gun, before Peter finally develops his iconic web shooters.

I haven't actually assembled the costume yet, but I will post some pictures as soon as I have. This incarnation of Spidey was going to appear in my fanfilm, but that might not go ahead due to lack of actors, etc.


p.s. @Wadaltmon, I posted some ideas for my costume on the IRC.

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