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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

To put it simply, for me Thor II was a good popcorn flick. Everybody has thier definition of what a popcorn flick is. For some its any film that comes out in the summer that features explosions and heroes and aliens.

For me a popcorn flick is a movie that doesnt take itself seriously at all, is built from the ground up to be pure entertainment with minimal or no touching moments, is full of cliches and is formulaic, while failing to build a deep, interesting world.

Thor II is most of those things. The first hour was so terrible I hardly remember it. Things pick up in the second hour, but the movie cant overcome the awful looking Dark Elve minions which look and move like amateur cosplayers. The Dark Elf King himself is not scary, I believe Thor's mother whooped his butt? I mean the main bad guy got his but whooped but the hero's mother. C'mon.

And the whole thing about the Dark Elves wanting to return the Universe to 'darkness' was so cheesy. Thor II's second half was fun, but thats about it.

How people prefer this over Man of Steel, Im not sure. Man of Steel beats it in everyway - acting, action, villain, hero, story, world building, and more. Most solo Marvel films have been pretty stale. Not bad, but definitely stale.

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