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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - - Part 17

Originally Posted by hafizbat View Post
My only concern with Affleck directing a Batman film would be that it would be too similar to the Nolan films. At least visually. Based on The Town and Argo, I'd think Affleck would go for a more gritty, realistic tone again.

I'm satisfied with the TDK trilogy for that type of movie, I would prefer a more fantastical, BTAS/Arkham style for the new Batman.
That's fair... with his style, I could easily see him directing a Batman film that directly follows Nolan's trilogy and it could possibly fit with those films seamlessly. However, it's totally possible that he could incorporate some of the more fantastical elements as well... it's just that, up to this point, his films have all been realistic dramas.

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