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Default Re: Marvel DVD's you own?

Originally Posted by The Shredder View Post
It's pretty good if you like extra's, but unless you find it for cheap, or just happen to be a big fan of Singer's first X-Men effort, I suppose waiting for a second box set (the one now doesnt include 1.5 from what I hear) would be ok.

Though I'm not sure how long of a wait you might have there.
Saw it at the PX (base) in the price range of...*think* 14.99-27.99? Might have been 17 bucks. I can't remember at all. Only copy they had too.

I do know they had a Hitman PS2 boxset (all 3 games) for 26.99 or 29.99. I'm guessing that's a steal? Because I got Doom 3 (xbox) brand new for close to 8 bucks there.


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